Champs for you – volume 4 (abgesagt)

4. April 2020 – 5. April 2020 ganztägig

Are you ready for a 4.Edition of Champs for you???

Agility Champs for you – Volume 4

4.Edition of this extraordinary international seminar.
Same location, same camp site.
Come and meet us again @ the Agilityhall in Saarburg. 13 top trainers from all over Europe, 6 courses (4 indoor, 2 outdoor) 84 kids & teens.

Everyone between the ages of 8 and 27 has the right to participate (year 1993).
Dogs need to be 18 month old and to have a license.

Entry fee: 115.-€

Let me present you our trainer choice for 2020:

Nina Gregl / Croatia
Enya Habel / Sweden
Ina Himle / Norway
Annika Af Klercker / Sweden
Marta Miil / Estonia
Conny Sennhauser / Switzerland
Gilles Welfringer / Luxembourg
more to come…

Hope to see you again…